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Top 5 benefits of Functional Bootcamps

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18 Aug Top 5 benefits of Functional Bootcamps

The popularity of bootcamps has exploded over the last decade, to the extent where nearly every town and city across the country have at least one local Bootcamp. But if you have never tried one you may be wondering what is the difference between standard gym training and a functional Bootcamp, and what are the benefits of joining a Bootcamp?
Here are 5 fantastic reasons why you should try a functional Bootcamp.
Top 5 benefits of functional bootcamps:
1. It’s fun – Exercising in a group of like-minded people is socially rewarding and makes exercising enjoyable.
2. It burns many calories – In a properly structured Bootcamp you can expect to burn upwards of 1000kcal per hour (not bad reward for 60min work).
3. Stress releasing – Many bootcamps are held outside in green spaces, which reduces stress hormones & increases feelings of inner-peace.
4. Get stronger & leaner – Many exercises during Bootcamp sessions require some form of strength, as you become stronger you will build more lean muscle tissue and in time become leaner with less body fat to show.
5. It’s a personal challenge – Bootcamp sessions will challenge you to push yourself harder and importantly train to work outside of your comfort zone.
In contrast, standard gym training can become boring and un-inspiring staying on the same exercise programme for years, yet bootcamps are varied & constantly challenging, giving your motivation the boost it needs. You also tend to stay within your comfort zone when you train in the gym on your own, but the group aspect of bootcamps can make you push yourself harder & bring you out of your comfort zone, which is the only way you will improve.
If you want to experience and feel the benefits of bootcamp sessions, then why not come down and try our bootcamps in South Bristol, and see if you like what it has to offer. It’s not all about shouting instructors and rolling around in mud anymore, bootcamps have changed for the better. Come down and give a functional bootcamp a go, we hold a Saturday morning bootcamp in Ashton Court, and a Monday evening bootcamp in Ashton Park School. Please see our services page for details of our classes.
Until next time,
FF Team
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