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The Ins and Outs of Fat Burning for Weight Loss

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18 Aug The Ins and Outs of Fat Burning for Weight Loss

Burning fat is the number one want and need of pretty much anyone who has started or is looking to start an exercise and weight loss programme. This becomes even more apparent at this time of the year, after the over-indulgent festive period. Therefore i have written this article to inform fully and correctly, anyone who wants to burn and loose a lot of fat over the next few months, not to mention over the year.

What is fat, and is it all bad?

Fat is a vital energy source that we get from our food, it has 9kcal per gram and is used by our bodies to produce cholesterol, make cell membranes, insulate nerves, protect vital organs and improve thermoregulation by keeping us warm. Fat is therefore essential for our bodies to function normally and within balance. Not all fat is bad, you can get good, useable healthy fat from nuts, seeds, oily fish, avocados, cooking oils and nut butters. Your bad fats come from treats such as confectionary, biscuits, fatty meats and ready-made meals.

Where does the body store fat?

The body will store fat in pretty much any space possible where there is space i.e. no muscle present. This means the more lean muscle mass you have in your body you not only increase your metabolic rate but also have a tendency to store less total fat, due to the body already being taken up by muscle so fat cells do not store themselves as easily in the body.

Why does it seem so hard at times to burn fat and loose weight?

The reason most people find it so hard to loose a substantial amount of weight is because of a lack of persistence and/or knowledge. The amount of clients i meet that have been yo yo dieting for years and years is unbelievable to me, especially as it’s ironically the yo yo dieting that is causing there problems in the first place. The body likes and needs continuity and balance, that is why sticking to a healthy, balanced diet with adequate kcal intake for your body size is the most effective way to loose a hell of a lot of weight over the long-term. Sticking with a strategy that works for you and having persistence and discipline with it, will eventually get you the fat burning and weight loss goals you have always dreamt of.

When is it too late to realistically be able to burn fat and loose weight?

No age is too late to burn off a lot of body fat to loose a lot of weight, but there are certain age brackets where weight loss is easier than others. As a general rule of thumb though, the older you get the harder it will be to burn fat and loose weight due to hormone and body composition changes. This is not to say that many older people have not managed to do it, because they have. But if you know you need to burn some fat and loose some weight for personal or medical reasons, do not hold it off, act now, it will not get any easier tomorrow or next week. Why wait for tomorrow, when today is already here!

How should you exercise to most effectively burn fat in the shortest period of time?

Without doubt in my professional experience the most effective way to burn fat and loose a lot of weight quickly, is to use functional, high intensity metabolic circuits that work the body in all ranges of movement which keeps the heart rate elevated for long periods of time. If you want more ideas or help on the type of circuits that you could do to burn fat, please give us a shout, were here to help you reach your goals as quickly and as healthily as possible.

Good luck with all your new year resolutions,

Good health,


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