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The 5 best ways to improve posture

ways to improve posture

17 Nov The 5 best ways to improve posture

Throughout your lifetime, poor posture can occur without you even knowing it. Even the simplest every day activities and bad habits can result in irritating lower back pain and muscle tension, leaving you stressed and uptight.

Everything from the way you sit at your office chair to the way you distribute the weight of your rucksack on your back can inflame and irritate your back and neck.

With that in mind, make sure you take note of these five simple steps to improving your body’s posture, aches and pains, helping you to feel good day in, day out:

1) Stiff neck muscles – resolve this pain and tightness by doing exercises with only your head. These can be done easily from your desk. Simply drop your chin down and push it towards your sternum, whilst stretching your upper back. Do this regularly in reps of 10-15 and you’ll soon notice the difference.

2) ‘Rounded’ shoulders – make some room on your living room floor. Lie flat on the floor – face down – with both arms at 90-degree angles as if you were high-fiving. Without changing your elbow angle, Push both of your arms up by pulling your shoulders back and squeezing your shoulder blades together. This movement should be held for up to five seconds. That’s a single rep, of which you should look to doing two or three sets of 10 daily.

3) Tight hip flexors – bend down onto your left knee and place your right foot on the floor in front of you. Push forward onto your foot until a good stretch in your left hip flexor. You can even clench those buttocks if you want to stretch it some more; hold this for half a minute and repeat the exercise for your right hip.

4) Elevated shoulder – often caused by weakened muscles in your chest, an elevated shoulder is easily improved even from your office chair. Sit bolt upright in your seat and place your hands next to your hips with the palms facing down on the chair. Keep those arms as straight as possible. Push down into the seat until your hips and torso move off the seat – this is great muscle strengthening for your chest.

5) Pigeon toes (yes, pigeon!) – weakened glutes are the primary cause of this unfortunate problem. Luckily there’s a simple solution: lie down on your side with bent knees at a 90-degree angle, keeping your heels tightly together. Lift your top knee up without moving your hips – this should see your knees part like a mussel shell. Hold the position for up to five seconds and then lower the knee back down. If you can do 20-30 reps of these each day you’ll soon see those buttocks firm up.

Need more help with regaining perfect posture? Contact us for personal training in Bristol today.

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