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Teletubies and Tribulations

31 May Teletubies and Tribulations

March 12th, 11 o’clock

Seven of the Functional Fitness team lined up below the West stand of the Rec,’all systems go’ ready to take on the Bath half marathon.

The team were focused and ready for the challenge ahead. Behind them, 4 Teletubies.  The multi coloured foursome were similarly determined….to take centre stage.  After a final strategy meeting the seven approached the start line ready for battle.  On the other side of the road were 4 Teletubies drunk on their new celebrity status searching out the local news crews. Once Joel (aka Tinkey Winkey) had finished asking his fellow competitors if they wanted the photo, “suit on or bare chest’? it was time to go. By the time it took Rich (teletubies manager) to slowly chaperon Tinkey-Winkey, Lala, Dipsy and Po toward the start line holding his best ‘embarrassed but proud’ parental expression – the race was on!

In Oct 2011 Tracey was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, but after a series of rounds of chemotherapy and a huge amount of determination and will power to fight – Tracey won her battle!

Our day in Bath was the celebration to mark the 5 year point in which Tracey had been declared ‘officially cured’ and to raise awareness and money for a charity helping many others win the same battle.

The 16 of us who ran that day were by no means experienced competitors. 14 of the team had never run a long distance race but every member of the team completed the 13.1 mile circuit.  An unforgettable day closed with more than 30 of Tracey’s family and closest friends sitting down and sharing a meal together celebrating the incredible spirit of the day and awe-inspiring spirit of one woman. A special mention to The Scallop Shell ( for producing the best fish and chips in Bath and working for free to serve them to us.

Tracy raised over £5000 for Lymphatic cancer (

From this point forwards The Functional Fitness team would like to facilitate an annual charity event.  The charity and event itself will be selected by the Functional Fitness community.  Is there a charity particularly close to your heart, an organisation whose support has inspired you and will inspire the group to come together and take on a challenge which can raise a sum that could have a huge impact on one or many lives. If so, please get in touch.

Some rules of engagement.

The event must be something everyone can take part in and work toward regardless of ability. It should fall in the ‘fitness’ category and be held locally. Clearly not as important as the charity but certainly interesting will be the event selection. Rest assured that Joel’s suggestions will be humoured but not taken seriously. If you’re struggling for inspiration a flush list of applicable events can be found here (

If you have an event or charity you’d like to suggest then please email

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