Weight loss client: Rupert smashes weight loss target
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Real-life weight loss client: Rupert smashes weight loss target after 8 weeks

weight loss client

30 Sep Real-life weight loss client: Rupert smashes weight loss target after 8 weeks

Rupert is a real-life client: He started with us 8 weeks ago with the goal of loosing weight and improving his climbing specific fitness. He had tried many fad diets and exercise regimes in the past to achieve some weight loss but none had any real-long term results. Therefore we came to us with limited expectations and a sense of “lets give it a try but I’m not expected much” attitude. After 8 weeks of some real effective functional, real-life exercises and nutritional whole-food plan, Rupert’s weight loss is showing good progress. Here is an 8 week graph of his progress to date. He has subsequently dropped weight again and is now showing at 97kg with a further drop in body fat, which is great.

weight and body fat chart

These initial results help to show how weight loss does not have to be too complicated, and can actually happen quite quickly once the correct exercise plan and nutrition strategies are put in place. This does not just happen though, Rupert has stuck to his eating plan with an adherence rate of around 75-80% which is great (even with a few too many pints of cider/beer). He would be the first to say that he has not been perfect but has been following the programme more than enough at the moment to get the desired weight loss he wanted at this early 8 week stage. Obviously the more weight loss Rupert achieves the higher his adherence score needs to be, as weight loss does get harder the more you loose.

Here are a few of Rupert’s food diary photos that he has been sending us on a daily basis – this is a great way of logging your food and it also allows us as personal trainers to visually see what our clients are eating on a daily basis. Rupert is a professional photographer hence the quality of photo’s:

homemade soup     porridge with blueberries    Halloumi avocado rice cakes    Spiced chicken breast

These are just a selection of meals that Rupert has been eating to reach his 8 week weight loss goal – you will notice that they are generally low in carbohydrates, with good protein portions and colourful salad/veggies. This is normal, no fad eating! Just wholesome good food that nourishes your body to improve health and well-being.

Well done Rupert! What a great start to your weight loss journey  – more updates to follow…

Until next time,

FF Team

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