Is personal fitness training worth the pain and money?
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Is personal training worth the pain and money?

Personal fitness training

02 Nov Is personal training worth the pain and money?

Personal fitness training is the single most effective way to get into the physical shape of your dreams. But it doesn’t come cheap, and this is often a deal breaker for the average person looking to make time to fit an exercise regime into their life. Gym memberships and exercise groups cost less and can lead to great results under the right circumstances. The problem is, to get these results, a gym-goer will need to have a strong knowledge of what exercises need to be done, and how to plan and schedule gym sessions effectively. And an exercise class will need to be attended more than once a week to get real results.

What people often neglect to see is the extra time-consuming work they will have to do to make gains through gym time or fitness classes; planning sessions, scheduling, self-motivation, diet planning, rest periods, injury management, body fat measurement, and much more. This is where your money goes with a personal trainer, allowing you to focus on the workouts themselves while your trainer gives instructions, measures progress and plans accordingly. Every extra penny you spend on hours in the personal training gym goes towards ensuring your workout time is being spent well.

Paying for personal training means putting everything in the hands of an expert who is entirely focused on you. Motivation will never be a problem, and you can be assured that the training and diet plans you follow will have been tailored to your body’s unique potential, and the requirements of your goals. Time is precious in the modern day, and wasting time studying exercise principles, planning your own training, pursuing inferior regimes and gradually giving up is something few of us can really afford. If you want to guarantee you’ll meet your goals, you need to decide what’s more precious: your time, or your money?

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