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How to train around injuries

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05 Oct How to train around injuries

Injuries are just one of the inevitable things that happen when you are pushing your body to its limits.

When you do get an injury the worst thing you can do is ignore it & train through the pain (we have all done it & it never gets us anywhere). There are always consequences from ignoring the injury, you can make a small injury into a chronic injury that never seems to go away.

When you do get an injury here’s the best things you can do:
-Stop training on the injured area
-Ice & rest
-Get the injury diagnosed & get professional advice on it.

Good news- You can still train:
You don’t have to stop training other parts of you body if you do get an injury.
None of us want to lose our gains from all the hard work we have been doing during our training. So here’s a few tips so you can effectively train with an injury, without making the problem worse & still benefit from the training you do. So there’s no need to lose your motivation!

Tip 1
Use this time to work on areas you usually neglect- such as flexibility & mobility.

Tip 2
Improve your nutrition- nutrition can help more than you think, nutrients from our food can accelerate recovery & can aid to prevent injuries from happening in the first place.

Tip 3
Be creative- for example if you have an injured wrist you don’t have to stop training your upper body, just shorten your levers & find alternative exercises for training the same muscle group without causing any pain.

Tip 4
The important thing is to protect the injured area until it is fully healed. You can train the rest of the body as normal, this way you can maintain strength in you non injured muscles & stay on track.

Tip 5
Stay positive, let’s face it injuries can get you down but keeping a positive attitude & mentality throughout the injury or rehabilitation can speed up your recovery!

When your injured area starts to improve don’t rush straight into the same training as you were doing before- you still have to continue with your rehab training- slowly introduce 1 new exercise a day on your injured area.
A great place to start is with some isomeric exercises, These exercises are done in a static position without moving your muscles & joints through the full range of motion. This is a great way to build up your strength within the muscle itself & the joints around.

Rehab & prevention:
If you train correctly- implementing the right balance of mobility flexibility & strength training & not forgetting rest & nutrition, you can prevent injuries from happening to a certain extent.

Don’t avoid injuries, it’s far better to miss two or three days training on the injured area rather than being forced to take two or three months off as a consequence of ignoring your injuries. Follow the tips for a faster recovery & don’t let injuries get you down!

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