Hit a plateau? Do these 4 things to get back on track
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Hit a plateau? Do these 4 things to get back on track

Hit a plateau

18 Oct Hit a plateau? Do these 4 things to get back on track

If you’re investing in Bristol personal training, then you’ll want to see results. But sometimes clients find that they have reached a plateau despite training hard and following their in-person or online personal training programme. This is when it’s time to look at important factors outside of the gym.

1. Get adequate rest

If your body isn’t getting the chance to recover from training, you won’t get stronger, burn fat and see strength gains and the body composition changes you are working towards. Focus on getting at least seven hours of high quality sleep – this means turning off digital devices at least an hour beforehand, investing in blackout blinds, maintaining a cool room and winding down beforehand with a good pre-sleep ritual to maximise quality sleep. Try eating turkey for dinner which is rich in calming tryptophan, and have a warm, milk based drink – or perhaps a casein protein shake – to help you drift off and maintain blood sugar levels.

2. Check your diet

Train all you like, but if your diet isn’t optimised for training nutrition, your gym work will be a waste of time. Cut out sugar, processed foods and general junk (apart from treats – the 80/20 rule works well here) and focus instead on nutrition – high quality protein, wholegrains, plenty of vegetables and fruit and fats from good sources such as coconut oil, olive oil, oily fish and nuts. Pair this with plenty of water, so that you are hydrated.

3. Shake things up

If your training becomes a chore, then look at shaking up your routine with a Bristol personal trainer. Try something new such as a Bristol bootcamp or new sports fitness class. Get outdoors or get back to functional fitness with barbell weights and bodyweight exercises. Whatever you choose to do, the novelty of a fresh challenge should help to stimulate your mind and body.

4. Take a break

If you have been training relentlessly without a break, you may find that you start to get colds or feel run-down. Equally, if your diet becomes excessively strict and limited, you may feel as though you have lost your joy for good food! In this case, take a break for a few days, enjoy some rest, do something different and relax your diet a little to incorporate some ‘treat’ foods. Speak to your trainer about this for advice. You will come back feeling refreshed, revived and re-motivated – and you will probably find that your training performance also improves as a result.

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