European Green Capital Award increases personal training
We aim to create better health and wellness with Bristol based personal training and bootcamps. With a friendly team of experienced personal trainers on hand to help you achieve your fitness goals.
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European Green Capital award helps to increase personal training in Bristol

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13 Nov European Green Capital award helps to increase personal training in Bristol

Personal training is rapidly becoming an essential part of peoples lives throughout the south west & London. People want and need more help with personal health and well-being goals and this is especially true for Bristol, which boasts many innovative green & environmentally friendly initiatives led by the mayor George Ferguson.

Holding the European Green Capital award in 2015 means that Bristol is a perfect environment for health awareness and is one of the reasons why personal training has increased in popularity over the last couple of years. Not only individuals, but corporate businesses are now becoming more aware of the importance of staying healthy, and ensuring that time spent exercising is effective and results driven.

 By driving a healthy green culture means that businesses and individuals alike are creating a better work:life balance – improving the mental state and quality of life of everyone involved. Exercise has been clinically proven to be one of the best medicines for depression and anxiety disorders, especially when exercising in green, natural spaces, such as parks, trails and forests. More happy hormones are released into the bloodstream when exercising in these stimulating environments, which in turn increases self-efficacy and feelings of happiness.
 Cycling around Bristol has also become ever more popular since the city was awarded the green capital award in 2015, which has helped with traffic congestion around the city, lowering pollution levels and ultimately improving the health of Bristol’s residents.
 As people become more aware of the impact that unhealthy practices have on not just personal health but also on the health of the environment, the use of personal training in Bristol will keep increasing. Also people are living longer, which means health and especially exercise starts to become an even more important part of peoples lives in order to have a quality filled life.
If you or a friend are looking for a personal trainer in Bristol that is friendly, approachable and professional, then please get in contact with the team at Functional Fitness Bristol, based in their private personal training studio in Ashton, south Bristol.
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