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Dom’s Six Pack Challenge – Intro

12 Sep Dom’s Six Pack Challenge – Intro


One of our long-term clients Dom, is a 48 year old male, who works in the corporate world. He has been training with us for a few years coming to personal training sessions and group classes with his initial goals to learn how to train in a more functional way, improve his all round mobility/health of joints, reduce his body weight and improve on his core strength. We set off on this journey and after training with us for a few months Dom started to gradually hit some of his targets and goals. Of course as with all new training regimes this initial steep improvement especially in Dom’s body weight started to slow down. Although he continued to improve his whole body functionality and strength over the next year or so, his body fat levels flat lined – he had hit a plateau! After a couple of chats about setting new goals and structuring a new plan, we both agreed that his nutrition was his main limiting factor and was holding him back from making any further gains in reducing his body fat. We decided he needed to commit to a bigger goal, something that would add a new pressure to his training and would require him to have complete focus and drive over a consistent period of time if he wanted to be successful. This is where “Dom’s Six Pack Challenge” was born!


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