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Community Stories: Marney’s Life-changing injury

04 Jul Community Stories: Marney’s Life-changing injury

What was your motivation to start?
I took early retirement from a hectic corporate lifestyle and office based job in 2010. My “other life” outside of work had always involved riding and competing with horses but I had never had the actual time to get fit and flexible. This was now my time to invest in me.

When did you start working with Functional Fitness Bristol (FFB)?
I’ve been working with FFB ever since 2010 and I can’t believe how much stronger and fitter I’ve become. Core strength is essential for riding and initially I didn’t have any! But over the years I can now really feel the improved balance and strength I have in my body when I’m riding, which is great.

What has been your greatest challenge since working with FFB?
Since I started with FFB I’ve managed a couple of injuries, one rather serious and both horse related. I had a Bennet fracture of my thumb which meant FFB had to work exercises around me not being able to use my left hand as support for some time. The second one has been a bit more of an issue.

In the August of 2014 an accident resulted in a pilon fracture of left tibia and severely damaged ankle which left me with what the Consultants expressed as a “life-changing” injury. 10 days in Southmead, five months of not being allowed to put any weight on my leg and a lot of internal metal later I started to walk again in January 2015. I was allowed to start physio a few weeks later.

How did your training with FFB help?
As soon as I could I started again with FFB and they have been a crucial part of my recovery and continual improvement. I know this injury can continue to improve if I keep working on it. In the early days, I could barely put any weight on it at all. Now I am walking without a limp, riding full-time and have just returned to competing with the ambition to do some low level “professional” events soon. I’ve been working with FFB regularly and the improvement has been way beyond what the Consultants had hoped for.

What keeps you motivated to continually improve?
For me one of the most important factors is that FFB are creative and fun. No two sessions are alike and you make progress without realising just how far you come over weeks and months.
You can be in the gym or outside if the weather is kind. The sessions are aimed at your own personal goals and it is very much a one-to-one relationship. I never intended to run a marathon or come out of sessions bright red and exhausted and I’m happy to say that I’ve improved beyond anything I could have hoped without doing either, despite the sessions being intensive.

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