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Cheap Personal Training – Is it worth the Saving?

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14 Oct Cheap Personal Training – Is it worth the Saving?

There are more and more personal trainers within Bristol that are offering cheap personal training sessions. But is this a saving that is worth taking? Or should you be looking at a higher price to arguably gain more quality? There are lots of questions that people ask themselves before they start a personal training journey with a trainer, which can cause confusion and/or procrastination if these questions are not answered clearly. Hence why as personal trainers ourselves we wanted to answer some of these common questions to help people make better more informed decisions before they handed over their well earned cash!

How much should I be looking to pay for personal training within Bristol?

Like most services there is a difference in price from one personal trainer to the other, this can be dependant on the type of service being provided and the environment/location that the sessions are being carried out within. But on a general scale you should be expecting to pay anywhere between £25-£60 per hour for a personal training session. Generally the more specialised a personal trainer is the higher the price, but this is not always the case. £20-£25 per 1 hour session would be classed as a cheap personal training session, with £50-60 being more on the expensive end.

Are all personal trainers qualified to the same level?

No – every personal trainer needs to hold a minimum Level 3 qualification with public liability insurance to allow them to train members of the public in a safe and professional (not always the case) manner. There are higher level qualifications as well, including a level 4 qualification that qualifies the trainer to work at a higher level with people with certain health needs. These health needs could include people that have diabetes, suffer from cancer, are in pregnancy, have back pain or even heart failure patients. Other further level qualifications might include; advanced kettlebell instructor, strength and conditioning coach, advanced nutrition and massage therapist.

If I pay for cheap personal training, will I be getting the same service as a more expensive one?

Simplistically yes. No matter how much you pay for a session you will always have the personal trainer working with you on a 1-1 basis (if thats what you paid for). Unfortunately though, personal training is not always as simple as it seems. You will tend to pay less for trainers that are less qualified and less experienced, therefore the quality of the session may not be as high. You may also find that paying a low price for the actual session that there will be added costs if you wanted extra programs written outside of your PT sessions. On the other hand, paying a higher amount to a personal trainer might mean that you receive a higher level of professionalism and competency, whilst incorporating all of your programming within the price so that there are no hidden extras. You would also expect to pay a premium for trainers that are busy working from specific personal training studios and gyms within Bristol. As a person you would need to weigh up the cost vs value deciding what is more important to you, either paying a lower price with lower quality or paying a higher price with better quality and faster results. This is obviously not always the case but like most things in life you tend to pay for what you get!

To give you an idea – here at Functional Fitness Bristol we charge £40 per 1 hour session dependant on the package that you buy, with no hidden costs. All your programming, nutrition and mentoring support comes as standard with our personal training service. We are also based within our own private personal training studio with ample free parking and changing facilities, which is factored into our pricing structure (sales pitch over)!!


We hope this article answered a few of the most common questions surrounding cheap personal training sessions, giving more clarity to the different types of personal trainers that are available and the types of prices you should be paying within Bristol.

Until next time,

FF Team



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