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Brian Starts His Personal Training Journey

07 Oct Brian Starts His Personal Training Journey

Brian is a real life weight loss client – he started personal training in our Bristol personal training studio this month on a mission to loose 4 stone in 6 months. When Brian started with his personal trainer he was weighing in at 24 stone 7lbs. After just 3 weeks of 3 x personal training sessions per week and sticking to a real simple healthy eating diet (no quick fixes), he has already lost over 1 stone in body weight! What a great start.

So how has Brian achieved such weight loss in this small period of time? We have put Brian on a programme that involves lots of general movement and as much walking as possible. He was only walking around 1000 steps per day before he started personal training with Functional Fitness Bristol, but is now averaging around 8000 steps per day, making a huge difference to his overall activity levels. This has been a major factor in loosing his first stone of body weight – walking is under-used not just in a personal training setting but in life in general. We love walking because its great at using fat as its main energy source, its also low impact so people with sore knees & hips have no problem doing it. Not to mention its a really good way to boost overall steps per day and general cardiovascular activity level.

We have also put Brian on a basic core strengthening programme, that tests his core muscles on different levels. It is this core strength that will allow him to produce better quality movement and less injuries in the future. At this stage these basic core exercises are also a great workout, as the isometric element within these exercises tests Brian’s full body stability and strength.

In addition to walking and core strengthening, a large chunk of the personal training session is based on improving Brian’s mobility around his joints. Stiff joints are not as efficient as mobile ones, and they can therefore not produce as much power and torque during exercises if stiff. We have focused on improving mobility in the scapula-thoracic spine (mid back area) to improve range of motion in Brian’s shoulders – slowly improving posture. Hip mobility is the other main area we have been focusing on, as stiff hips can contribute to having a stiff/sore lower back. Having mobile hips is one of the most important areas in any persons training programme to focus on, as the muscles attaching throughout and around the hips into the pelvis are vital for producing healthy, powerful movement.

Have you put Brian on a no carb diet as this is the best solution for rapid weigh loss? No, Brian has been eating plenty of complex carbohydrates (slow releasing energy) within his diet, and ensuring that each meal is balanced with plenty of veggies. No/low carb diets can work for rapid weight loss in the acute term, but they are not long-term strategies for consistent, healthy weight loss. This is because the body requires some sort of carbohydrate to function normally giving you enough energy to move through the day. Low carb diets can have drastic effects on hormones throwing them out of balance, which can actually cause weight gain!! Of course every individual reacts to different styles of eating differently, so there is never a rule of thumb when it comes to eating on a personal level. You just need to find the best way for you, by taking notice of your bodies reaction to certain foods and/or seeking professional guidance.

Brian is now seeing and feeling the amazing benefits that a healthy lifestyle can bring – a feeling that you cannot explain unless you have/are doing it at the moment. I would list the amount of physical and mental benefits that we see clients achieving every day, but I would literally run out of space! Top work Brian – keep being consistent and focus on the good behaviours not the results.

Until next time,

FF Team

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