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Battling Rope Central To Team-building Bootcamp

13 Apr Battling Rope Central To Team-building Bootcamp

The rain held off during our team-building bootcamp on Saturday at Ashton Court Estate, Bristol. Our bootcampers were put through their paces during a group orientated session. There was some fantastic team work and encouragement throughout by all members, which gave the whole session a cohesive feel bringing everyone working together to achieve the same goal.

The group started off with a battling rope circuit that required everyone to work and move together whilst performing varied exercises, including; overhead squats, press ups, burpees, lateral lunges, running, side shuffles and thread the rope to name a few. This was a tough start to the session and certainly warmed everyone up! The battling rope was a central part to this weeks bootcamp, and certainly makes for a fun and challenging session working the core and shoulders predominantly throughout.

The FF bootcampers then performed a whole body circuit in groups of 3, working within their small groups at each station to complete the exercises. This again emphasised the need for team work and communication, whilst working hard physically to complete each station. The bootcamp finished with a catch the tag game and a tug of war competition to complete the session.

Well done from Joel and Rich – FF Head Trainers

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