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A Well Needed Dose of Vitamin D

20 Apr A Well Needed Dose of Vitamin D

A much needed dose of vitamin D shined down on our bootcampers this Saturday morning.

The sun finally came out to play this morning at Ashton Court, with our FF bootcampers loving the exercise in the warm April sun! The session kicked off with an obstacle course consisting of; zig zag runs, hill crawling, SAQ ladder drills and hurdle jumps. This tested everyone’s CV fitness and warmed the muscles up perfectly.

During the main circuit, the bootcampers partnered up and set about challenging themselves over 9 different stations of movement. This included; partner kettlebell carry, wheelbarrow crawling, tractor tyre flips, resisted sprints and rope pulling, to name a few. This main circuit was completed twice and tested whole body strength endurance, burning many kcal’s in the process.

The group finished with a circle CV game, with the last person to react and jump into the circle on our call, running to the trees and back. Well done to Tony, who was the last man standing after just beating Dom in the final two.

Great session all round and thought by some as “the best bootcamp yet!”

See you next week. Bring your friends and get the session half price!!

FF Team
p.s a big welcome to the group to Bell who did her first FF bootcamp today! What a fantastic start, well done 🙂

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