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6 Top Tips on Staying Healthy Over Christmas

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29 Nov 6 Top Tips on Staying Healthy Over Christmas

The Christmas break can be a challenge when it comes to keeping fit and healthy. But with just a few simple strategies, you can ensure you have a fun and guilt-free Christmas.
Here are 6 easy ways to keep you fit & healthy over Christmas:
1. Be realistic with yourself 
There is no point setting yourself targets over Christmas that you are not going to keep. For example, trying to exercise everyday for 1 hour over Christmas is just setting yourself up to fail and for most of us just isn’t going to happen. Instead opt for a shorter high intense workout around 15-20mins long that you can realistically stick to. This will build your confidence to take on more workouts over the break, motivating you to do more.
2. Use your body weight to workout
This is the easiest and most convent way to exercise. No equipment means no excuses, you can train anywhere and anyhow making workouts very convenient and therefore more likely to happen. Plus using your body weight is one of the best ways to burn lots of  kcal’s and torch belly fat – just what the doctor ordered over Xmas!!
3. Train with a partner/friend
If you can buddy up during your workouts over Christmas you will have greater success in completing more workouts. This is especially true if you find it hard to motivate yourself to get your butt off the sofa! You will also train 20% harder with someone compared to on your own, which means more intensity and more kcal’s burnt.
4. Don’t leave high kcal snacks out to tempt you!
It’s a well known finding that people eat significantly more when they can help themselves with no limits i.e. like a buffet. This is why it’s a bad idea to leave snacks out around the house that are always available to eat. Christmas snacks are usually dense in kcal’s and its all too easy to graze on these high sugar, high fat snacks throughout the day. So don’t leave snacks out to graze on, instead put them away once you have had a sensible portion size, it will save you 100’s of unwanted kcal’s.
5. Keep an eye on your alcohol consumption 
There are 7kcal in every millilitre of alcohol, this is only 2 kcal’s behind fat, which has 9 kcals per gram. This is not to say you shouldn’t have a drink at Christmas because you should, you just need to be aware of how easy it is to drink lots of extra calories. Alcohol also makes the brain crave high fat/sugar foods, which creates an even higher surplus of useless calories. In addition to this, the body will work to burn off alcohol calories first before anything else in the body – including fat! This will also make it harder for you to tap into your fat stores during your workouts.
6. Practice saying NO!!
Being able to say NO is one of the most powerful strategies you can adopt when it comes to reducing your kcal’s for weight loss and health. This is not only important over christmas but also during every social event throughout the year. It’s all too easy to slip into usual habits during peer social occasions saying yes to unhealthy treats and drinks just because you can. One of my favourite sayings of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” lends itself perfectly within this situation. Say this in your head a few times before you get emotionally tempted by naughty treats and you will find it much easier to say NO.
If you can’t use or don’t want to use all of these strategies, then don’t. But make sure you pick 2-3 as this will have a huge effect on your health over this fantastic festive period.
Stay strong & merry Christmas!
Until next time,
The FF team
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