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3 Stone Weight Loss Made Easy: Real Life Client

07 Dec 3 Stone Weight Loss Made Easy: Real Life Client

A 3 stone weight loss can be made as easy as possible with a sensible, non restrictive diet and a manageable exercise programme. Rupert is a real life client who this week has hit 3 stone weight loss over a 6 month period with Functional Fitness Bristol. This fantastic result has been achieved from following a nutritional strategy that is un-complicated and varied, alongside an exercise programme that is varied and progressive in its nature.

Many many people that we speak to and meet think weight loss is a very complicated process that requires a number of complex sacrifices and hard decisions to be made by the individual until weight loss can be achieved. In reality this point of view is full of half truths and inaccurate statements. In truth weight loss is only as complicated as you want it to be – in general if you are finding it very hard to loose weight then you are most probably not fully ready to change your lifestyle as much as you need to to see results.

Rupert has consistently made progress every month because he was totally “ready” to loose weight, which gave him a bulletproof desire and a mental strength to commit himself to the programme and do what is necessary to achieve a 3 stone weight loss. Without this “mental readiness” Rupert would find the whole process very hard and unforgiving and the chances of failing would increase substantially.

Some of the main strategies that Rupert has used to increase his chances of weight loss success are:

  1. Keeping a photographic food and exercise diary every day
  2. Adhering to an exercise programme 85-90% of the time
  3. Setting realistic monthly targets
  4. Using favourite foods to reward good behaviours, reaching exercise targets and weight loss goals
  5. Being accountable to someone who will be disappointed if targets are not reached who expects explanations to be given to why targets have not been hit

If you can use all or just some of these strategies you will be more than likely to start seeing some weight loss results. Good luck.

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