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3 Fantastic Benefits Of Group Exercise

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18 Aug 3 Fantastic Benefits Of Group Exercise

Have you ever partaken in a group exercise session? If like me you have, then you will have felt the fantastic benefits that this brings to your health. This article will attempt to demonstrate to our readers how awesome group exercise is and highlight the multiple benefits group exercise can have on one’s health and fitness. This should help bring you closer to your health and fitness goals, whilst having much more fun along the journey.

Whether it be bootcamps, circuit training, spinning, body balance, yoga, pilates or boxercise classes, the benefits that are gained from all these interactive sessions is vast, which allows members to workout within a truly social environment. This is important because research has shown that exercising within a group of your peers consistently achieves superior results than exercising on your own. This is partly due to the extra social culture and cohesiveness within a group class, which allows members to feed off of each other’s energy levels and commitment within the session, thus pushing the envelope further and achieving better results.

Below are the 3 main benefits that members of Functional Fitness Bristol Ltd consistently demonstrate to us during our interactive group exercise sessions.

Having more fun

As I mentioned above, one of the main draws of a group exercise session is having more fun than working out alone. Here at Functional Fitness Bristol Ltd we are proud of our values and commitment to make all of our sessions fun and exciting to the masses. We achieve this by building up a close, cohesive team of members that love exercising with each other to achieve their individual goals, thus having more fun and excitement along the way. Do you have fun whilst exercising? If not, then you may want to try one of our team-building bootcamp sessions to help increase your fun and motivation to exercise.

Healthy Competition

Most group exercise classes tend to involve people performing the same or similar exercises to complete the session, this therefore brings out a healthy competition between group members, which can bring out the best in people. Do you find competition a scary thought? It doesn’t have to be. It can actually allow you to work harder and increase your potential for results within the session, which in the long-run brings out increased results to your body shape, energy and confidence levels.

Social Interaction

One of the biggest reasons to the popularity of group exercise is the social interaction that one gets when exercising together with friends, family and peers. It is this social interaction that brings people back time and time again to exercise within a group setting. At Functional Fitness Bristol Ltd we consistently find that within our group Functional Fitness sessions, our members get much pleasure from meeting up and exercising with people they have made acquaintances with over the past weeks during our sessions.

There are many other benefits that come from exercising in a group, including; improved self-esteem, better communication skills, increased accountability and enhanced social status. If you are someone who has done group exercise in the past, then I hope you have related to this article, if you have not participated in a group session before, then I hope that I have inspired you and given you more reasons to why you should try it. I promise you will not be disappointed with the results you get.

If you would like to find more about how Functional Fitness Bristol Ltd could aid you in achieving your goals, please feel free to contact us or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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