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3 exercises to improve the efficiency of your running

22 Sep 3 exercises to improve the efficiency of your running

As it’s half marathon/marathon season we thought it would be useful for people to incorporate some running specific exercises within their training routines for improved running efficiency. So why is running efficiency important? Basically the more efficient you are whilst running, the less energy you will waste through poor technique, also more efficient runners tend to have less overuse/imbalance injuries. This means a faster more energy efficient runner that can regularly reach new PB’s, set new targets and ultimately have more fun.

Here are some running-specific exercises that you can incorporate into your training routine:

  1. Single leg Romanian deadlift
  2. Box step ups
  3. Wobble cushion single leg balance


Single leg Romanian Deadlift


This is a great exercise for strengthening your posterior chain (glute, hamstring, calf) which are the main muscles used during running. Its also great for improving your balance and core, which will strengthen your stability muscles. Add a weight for increased difficulty.

Box Step ups


Box step ups recruit the same muscles in a similar sequence to when you are running. It’s also great for engraining the same movement pattern, that will correspond to improved running-specific muscle activation. This in addition increases efficiency and reduces the likelihood of imbalance injuries occurring. Add a weight for increased difficulty.

Wobble cushion single leg balance

Wobble cushion single leg balance

Balance is one of the most important abilities to have not just whilst running but in daily life. Unfortunately though it is also the most under-used training stimulus in the fitness industry. This single leg exercise is amazing for improving the stabilising muscles throughout the foot, ankle, shin, knee, hip & core. This is a key exercise we use for training our runners either to improve their endurance in the lower leg, or as a rehabilitation exercise to get people back on the road after a lower leg injury. Put your hands on your head or close your eyes for increased difficulty.

Try these 3 exercises and incorporate them into your training routine gradually, focusing on form and technique first, then slowly adding more complexity to the movement as you improve.

Good luck and keep enjoying your running!!

Until next time,

FF Team

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