Brian Hits 2 stone Weight Loss with Personal Trainer
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Brian Hits 2 stone Weight Loss with Personal Trainer

10 Nov Brian Hits 2 stone Weight Loss with Personal Trainer

Brain is a real-life weight loss client who this week has reached 2 stone in weight loss. One more stone off and Brian would have reached his initial weight loss and body transformation target of 3 stone. Find out how Brian has achieved such good progress with his personal trainer here at Functional Fitness Bristol below.

Brian’s Story so far.. 

Brian has been training with one of our PT’s within our Bristol based personal training studio 3 x per week, which has changed his lifestyle and had a profound impact on his life. But the weight loss is not the most impressive thing that Brian has achieved, the most impressive aspect of Brian at the moment is his mental attitude to “change”. He has a constant belief and drive to want to get better and to improve himself through the medium of exercise and nutrition and its this internal drive that brings him to the studio 3 x per week often travelling for a couple of hours each trip to get to the studio.

Unfortunately this persistence and discipline doesn’t just happen over night, if it did then we would all be reaching our goals every day with ease! It takes constant energy and positive self-talk to get your mindset in such a place where you are prepared to make big sacrifices in your life to reach for your long-term goals.

The Change Process

The main difference with Brian is that he has made the conscious decision to “change” and take the consequences that come with this “change”. Often people want to change but they don’t actually want to go through the change process and make sacrifices in their lifestyle, hence they never actually achieve their goals because they are not fully ready to change at that moment in time.

So when is someone truly ready to change? We call it the lightbulb moment or the “ah ha” moment, the moment where someone has an epiphany. Often it sounds something like “I just woke up one morning and thought enough is enough, I need to change my life” or “There was a point where I just decided I didn’t want to be like this anymore, so I changed”. These are the types of statements that we hear from people that are serious about changing but more importantly than that they are actually “ready” for change. This is where Brian has got himself to and is the main driver/reason for his continued weight loss.

Are you ready?..

If you are having a personal struggle with your weight and wellbeing, ask yourself one question, “am I prepared to make all the sacrifices it takes to change and reach my goal”? If the answer is NO, don’t worry as it often is and is all part of the change process especially when it comes to weight loss. You will know when the time is right because you will have a “lightbulb” moment – until then do not give up, keep working towards your goals and wait for your epiphany.

Keep up the good work Brian, what an amazing achievement you have made so far!

Until next time,

FF Team


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