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We aim to create better health and wellness with Bristol based personal training and bootcamps. With a friendly team of experienced personal trainers on hand to help you achieve your fitness goals.
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Functional fitness is personal training movements that reflect real-life activities. This can benefit our body more effectively than isolation training on machines, creating more adaptations and thus preparing ourselves better for daily challenges.

 Functional training is based on moving dynamically under total body control, with core strength being at the heart of every exercise. The increased activation of core stabilisers and proprioceptors that come from functional training enhances physical and mental benefits, which we integrate into all our boot camp and personal training sessions in Bristol. 






We run all our sessions in a unique, fun, and interactive way! Every session is packed with exercises that compliment real-life movements. These are practical/functional movements that we use everyday. No matter what your goals, we have loads of sessions to choose from.


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Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness is a strategically aligned health and exercise programme that runs directly within a company. Our consultants will put in place specific strategies and initiatives of health with the primary goal of such programmes to improve the health and well-being of directors, managers and employees, producing tangible and in-tangible benefits to the company as a whole.


We have a particular hunger and passion for creating programmes that businesses of all sizes can use and flourish from. It’s this passion that gives us the drive and ambition to work with companies every day, from the large corporate companies to the smaller independents. We believe our well-being services can help all businesses to maximise their workforce potential and feel the cost-saving benefits that come with this. 

We have gained 18 years of experience and knowledge within the health and fitness industry working alongside executive directors, managers and employees from many industries. Over this time we have built up the knowledge and resources to produce bespoke proposals that are specific to each individual needs analysis. 

We specialise in designing and implementing tailored corporate wellness and employee benefit programmes, that are fun, results driven and functional. We use a turn-key approach to our wellness programmes, delivering and advising on the three main areas of health; Fitness, Stress management and Nutrition. Using this 3 point approach we are keen to improve the health of Bristol and its diverse and exciting industries – taking away the need for expensive and often ineffective corporate gym memberships that employees rarely use.


How much energy and stamina do you and your staff have at work?
We personally work alongside you and your employees to deliver a unique, fun and engaging approach to fitness and team building, ensuring each session is tailored to your demographic and strategical goals. This will provide the benefits of increased energy levels to you and your employees and help to fight fatigue experienced at the end of a working day.

Some examples of the sessions we can deliver for your business are listed below:

  • Workshops and Specialist classes- These classes are specifically designed to improve fitness and wellness.
  • Sports/games days- Great team building opportunity, whilst being active.
  • Corporate wellness days- We can organise and deliver the ultimate unique fun, engaging and team building activity days.
  • Expeditions- Our professional mountaineer can organise anything from day trip to a 2 week trip to the himalayas.

Are you and your employees happy and engaged at work?
Stress and anxiety levels of staff is massively on the rise causing sickness and absence rates to increase. Our stress management services provide the tools you and your employees need to address this.

Do you promote healthy eating within your workplace?
We can provide you and your employees with the best nutritional advice, programmes and encouragement. The right fuel will drive your company further, by improving concentration and energy levels of your staff.

Want to know more about what we can bring to your company?


Meet the Team

Our team are jointly passionate about many facets of health but each has their own specialities and further interests. Please have a read of our profiles to see who suits your needs best. Although many of our Bristol personal training clients work with several members of the team to help reach their goals in the fastest possible time.

JOEL WOODLEY - personal trainer bristol
Joel Woodley
Founder, Director & Head Trainer

I believe fitness should be part of everyone’s life… Our body’s are designed to run, jump, climb, crawl, lift & generally move with ease.


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I believe fitness should be part of everyone’s life… Our body’s are designed to run, jump, climb, crawl, lift & generally move with ease.

My passion lies within functional training, natural & primal movement, calisthenics, gymnastics & obstacle training. Having trained clients & athletes of all standards – the best part is being able to motivate & work along side them to achieve all their goals & reach their maximum potential.

In our sessions we will start with perfecting functional movement & core strength which will build a strong foundation allowing us to progress on to more advanced exercises & movements.  This gives my clients the energy, strength and flexibility to efficiently perform physical activity at any level required.


  • Reps level 3 Advanced personal trainer
  • Sports Nutrition & weight management
  • Functional movement specialist
  • Advanced bodyweight trainer
  • Strength & conditioning
  • Advanced kettlebell trainer
  • First aid & emergency response
RICHARD BIGNELL - bristol personal trainer
Richard Bignell
Founder, Director & Head Trainer

The 10+ years of experience that I have gained from working within the fitness industry and as a professional athlete have been invaluable in giving me the knowledge…

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The 10+ years of experience that I have gained from working within the fitness industry and as a professional athlete have been invaluable in giving me the knowledge, skills & compassion to create positive change in my clients and athletes. I believe in a holistic approach to training, where functional & primal movement precedes everything else. Once a strong platform has been built throughout the body by using specific movement, core & postural protocols, we can then look to increase volume and intensity. This will condition your body to get super fast results in the areas highlighted in your initial consultation and physical assessment, whilst reducing the risk of injury.


  • Degree in Sports Coaching & Exercise Science – Bath University
  • REPS Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Ex-Professional rugby player – Bristol, Moseley, Coventry
  • Advanced Kettlebell Trainer
  • RFU Level 2 Coaching badge
  • First Aid & Emergency Response
JON GUPTA - bristol personal trainer
Head of Expeditions

Jon is a professional mountaineer, BBC presenter & freelance writer. His first class expedition and guiding work involves him creating flexible and tailored programmes.

Read More about Jon

Jon is a professional mountaineer, BBC presenter & freelance writer. His first class expedition and guiding work involves him creating flexible and tailored programmes for clients, whether for a single day, a couple of weeks or a Himalayan trip. He enjoys creating personalised itineraries that are highly flexible to meet the needs of his clients – taking into account the ever changing weather conditions of the mountains. 

Using functional training to prepare for expeditions has been key to Jon’s success as a Montane sponsored athlete. He believes that functional fitness gives your body the edge when it comes to conquering the ever-changing elements and conditions of mountaineering. 

As well as his work, Jon has pursued other interests associated with the outdoors, including climbing, diving (PADI Advanced), road cyclist and skier, and has also developed a deep interest in high altitude medicine coupled with the soft skills and dynamics of expeditions. So if you’re looking to plan an adventure of a lifetime either with family, friends or for a corporate event, then Jon is your Man! Find out more about Jon on his website

Climbing highlights/favourites

  • Everest – Standing on the top of the world in 2013
  • Peak Lenin – 1st British ski descent in 2014
  • Ama Dablam – 2nd fastest speed solo 14 hours 10min & 3 Summits in 7 days
  • Kilimanjaro – Speed ascent & worlds fastest female ascent (11hr 34min)
  • Winter Alpine climbing in Chamonix – M6 Solar M5+***
  • Mt Elbrus in Russia – 4hrs 50min Climb/Ski
ALI WAIN - bristol personal trainer
Ali Wain
Sports Therapist

Ali works on prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability.

Read More about Ali

Ali provides the following services at our studio in Ashton –

  • Sports massage
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury rehabilitation

She utilises the principles of sport and exercise sciences incorporating physiological and pathological processes to prepare the participant for training, competition and where applicable, work

Contact us on to book in with Ali


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